Kamis, 09 Januari 2014

Computer Repair Tips

Today, on sale there are a number of power supplies to different tastes and budgets. Power supplies are divided into several types. The most common types of power supplies - is AT and ATX. The most common kind of power supply is ATX (AT extension) and this type of power is used in most modern computer.
 The advantage of such a standard diet is that by using this power supply, no need to purchase a voltage converter, which significantly improves the thermal conditions and saves board space.

 Unlike AT power supply, where the ports are located on special brackets, connectors, power supply ports ATX are on the back of the case, on the main board.

 Such placement can significantly improve the ventilation circuit boards, as well as facilitate the installation of the power supply. In addition to more reliable mounting power supply, like placing ports allows easier access to the processor and memory modules. For power supply units are divided into 200 W, 230 W, 250 W and 300 W power supply.
 When buying a power supply, preference should be given more powerful models, such as the power supply can withstand voltage fluctuations are very frequent in Russia and the CIS countries. When replacing the computer power supply, first of all, you need to turn it off. Then should begin to remove the back cover of the power supply.
 To do this, using a screwdriver, unscrew the 4 screws on the back of the system unit. It is advisable to draw the location of the power cables to the installation of a new power supply not to damage it during installation. After that, you should separate the cable system, which links the drives and ports, and connectors to push it as far as possible from the power supply. The next step - is to remove the power connectors from the motherboard. Special attention should be given to 4 - wire Molex - jack and a small Berg - connector.

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